Alison A. Pockat | Author of "Adam's Land" & "Adam's Bubble"

Soil Studies

For Teachers and Parents -

Have you ever struggled to explain what makes a good soil?  Fertile soils are much more than broken down rock.  They also contain organic matter.  In fact, much of what makes a plant grow actually comes from that rich part of the soil.  But what or who adds that to the soil?  And what or who takes all that 'stuff' - leaves, sticks and plant and animal waste - away so that it does not pile up on the ground?

This book is a fictional account of some of those creatures involved in the process.  It will provide your students with a good deal of factual information concerning how organic matter is broken down and carried into the soil to be available for plant growth.  It also provides great descriptions of the various creatures - animal and otherwise - who provide us with this valuable service.

The book is intended to interest school aged children in the process and to be used as an aid to the soil studies curriculum. 


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Lesson Plan - Soil Organic Matter Study