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Alison Pockat Is A Must Read

Alison Pockat's book displays a fascination with insects that will capture the imagination of children and adults alike. The vocabulary can be read and understood by an eight year old, and if read by a parent or teacher can easily hold a childs attention.

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Alison A. Pockat, ASLA
Landscape Architect

Learn about Soils!

Have you ever wondered what (or who) makes soils? What about all of that 'stuff' that lands on the ground?  What takes it away and keeps it from cluttering up the earth?  Join Adam as he meets some of the creatures first hand who do this important work for us.  Let them tell you their stories and what they think about their work.

For students learning about soils, this book answers a lot of questions.  For teachers of elementary school age children, this book is a great addition to your curriculum.  It is fun and entertaining while providing a wealth of soil production information.


Learn about the Land!

Have you ever wanted to get to know your neighbors?  Not the people who live nearby but the creatures who surround you.  Who or what live in the ground.  What's going on inside that old dead tree.  Is there any life in there?  What's happening in the rain water that runs downhill.  Explore these places that are teaming with life in your own backyard.

This book is a delightful romp with a boy and his wild friends that will provide kids and parents with a fictional adventure and a great deal of very real information about the ecology of your yard.  what a great way to be introduced!


About the Author

Alison Pockat is a Landscape Architect with a small private practice in Cary, NC. When not working on site plans, she spends a great deal of time with her son, Del, roaming in the woods of the nature preserve that borders her back yard, local forests and parks and working in her wooded garden. Together they also like to go hiking and camping in parks throughout North Carolina and in places like St. John, USVI, Ireland and Hawaii.

She has practiced landscape architecture for 34 years. Prior to this, her experience includes work with the Soil Conservation Service and she has had articles published in Erosion Control International and Landscape and Irrigation Magazine.


About my Landscape Architectural Practice

Alison A. Pockat, ASLA is a land planner and landscape architect.  She routinely provided services of re-zoning, land planning and master planning, site design development, site layout, site grading, drainage, erosion control, site planting design, tree conservation and site construction planning.

Ms Pockat has served as a land planner and landscape architect for construction projects in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland.  Services that she has provided included master planing, drainage, stormwater, erosion control, staking, planting and construction plan design.  Individual experience includes projects for schools, churches, office buildings, commercial buildings, institutional projects, recreational sites and housing.  Special services include rezoning, code research, and public meetings representation.

Ms Pockat serves her profession through the American Society of Landscape Architects.  She has served as the Chair of the Archives and History for NCASLA and as a member of the Greenways Committee for the Town of Cary.

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