Alison A. Pockat | Author of "Adam's Land" & "Adam's Bubble"


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Review of Adam's Land  by:  Nancy A Edmondson, Professional Educator

Excellent teaching resource

January 1, 2018


What a great adventure! Travel with Adam as he explores his own back yard, meeting many friends we often think of as foes! This fictitious story whisks the reader away to travel a familiar, but vastly unknown, land just outside his own back door. I was thoroughly engaged as Adam met insects, amphibians, and animals we often take for granted. The author, Alison Pockat, uses this fun story to help the reader see the real-life purpose of each creature, including fungi. Rich in vocabulary, this book would be an excellent classroom resource to use when teaching life sciences, particularly ecosystems! It can also be used to touch on physical science as well.


Review by Margaret Ordoubadian,

Faculty Emeritus at Middle Tennessee State University, English Department


     Adam's Bubble, by Murfreesboro native Alison Pockat, introduces soil science in an engaging fantasy aimed at children in grades 3-5.


     Adam, playing with a special kind of bubbles, finds that he can enter a huge bubble. Once inside, he and the bubble become smaller and smaller as he is jumping up and down. Now he has become the size of an ant in a floating bubble. 


     When his bubble lands on a leaf, he meets Fergus, a fungi, who gives him some sound scientific information about fungi and their role in plant life.

From there he floats up to a flower where he meets Betsy, a carpenter bee. As Adam moves from place to place, he encounters a toad, a wood roach, a cricket, an earthworm, an ant, and finally a mushroom.


     The author has given each character a distinct and interesting personality, and she solves the problem of Adam's returning to normal size in a way that is reasonable in the fantasy and satisfying to the reader.  Her dialogue is natural and appropriate for her readers and yet filled with factual information.  It is an informative book that contains all the attributes of  good fiction for children.


     Both elementary science teachers and parents who home school will find Adam's Bubble an effective teaching tool. I can imagine an innovative grade school teacher turning it into a dramatic production created by the students. One former fourth grade teacher who read the book immediately began to think of ways she would have used it in a classroom. Parents who home school as well as teachers will find the web site very useful. Go to and select Soil Studies for three well thought-out lesson plans.


     Alison Pockat is a graduate of Oakland High School and Middle Tennessee State University.  She has practiced landscape architecture in North Carolina for the last 25 years, and she worked with the Soil Conservation Service earlier in her career. Her mother Mary Pockat lives in Murfreesboro, TN.


Review by Mera and Arnie Eisen, Book Daily Jun 14, 2010 07:06 EST

Soils story that will capture the imagination of children and ...


     Of the many, many children's books almost none describe life under, in, and around soil. Considering the preponderance of home gardening, whether indoor in pots, on terraces, or in backyards small or large it is surprising how little information or instruction is available for children who are often involved in planning, participating, and maintaining a subteraneum ecosystem that produces the vegetables and fruits on our table.

     Alison Pockat's book, ADAM'S BUBBLE, displays a fascination with insects that will capture the imagination of children and adults alike. The vocabulary can be read and understood by an eight year old, and if read by a parent or teacher can easily hold a childs attention. The narrative envisions a child who shrinks to the size of an ant and becomes encapsulated in a soap bubble that brings him underground, in a tree, an ant nest, a bee's nest , where he meets fungi, crickets, worms, toads, wood roaches, crickets, all who work to break down plant and animal waste to help create organic matter for a healthy soil.

     This is a brief, lucid book for young children describing some of the insects that inhabit. and interact with each other to enrich the soil and create the conditions that bring forth a multiple and life enhancing bounty.